About us

Established in 2009, RUNWAY WORKSHOP LIMITED aims to bring new and interesting fashion labels, accessories and fashion-related brands from the globe to Asia.


We believe quality apparels and accessories at reasonable price are indispensable for everyone who is pursuing a high quality of life. We believe different people has his or her very own character who needs something unique with different silhouettes to show his or her personality. Thus, all the brands under our umbrella are having its own identity and positioning which always gives a uniqueness from consumers points of view.


Our brands are mainly originated from Australia, Germany, Italy, Korea, Paris, Portugal, United Kingdom and United States. By applying the specialty store concept, RUNWAY WORKSHOP LIMITED provides an array of menswear, womenswear and accessories brands with distinct brand image at various price points. We are the pioneer who applies this concept which undoubtedly provides a refreshed image amongst the marketplace.