Since its inception just last year, HAZE Collection has proven itself a heat-seeker in innovative eyewear. With a focus on the finest material, boundary-pushing designs and a crisp brand image, HAZE has positioned itself amongst the leaders of contemporary eyewear.

At the core of HAZE is its commitment to creating product of the highest echelon. Each frame is cut from slabs of pure acetate, sourced firsthand in Italy. This means that no frame is identical; each marble nuance is almost personalized for the wearer. HAZE employs its patented pending SWIV3L™ engineering to styles; a threepronged, metal hinge that ensures maximum durability. 

For its designs, the HAZE team draws inspiration from architecture and its relationship with romance. While the frames rely heavily on structure and angle, they are juxtaposed against vivid mirrored lenses or, on its signature SHIELD model, a radiant magnetic gold grill. While each frame is built for function, the details make them anything but cold.