Sunday Somewhere

Sydney-based eyewear brand – SUNDAY SOMEWHERE - is intrinsically a unique mind-set. No requirement for catchy slogans. No need for by-lines.

The brand philosophy is simple. They’re beautifully crafted, classic and modern frames. And with a make-up-your-own-mind attitude, the brand relies on inspired imagery to assist with the vision both it, and its customers relate to.

SUNDAY SOMEWHERE is the brain-child of eyewear aficionado Dave Allison. Late in 2010, his singular vision of creating an eyewear and optical collection became a reality with a focus upon detail, quality, simplicity and originality.

SUNDAY SOMEWHERE's aesthetic is influenced by both the past and future. With references to classic vintage frames, intricate modern detailing and futuristic materials, the finish is practical, a wearable modernity. This 'classic with a twist' collection makes SUNDAY SOMEWHERE fresh, covetable, and timeless.